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Known by different names in English, “La dame de Monsoreau” is a novel by French author Alexandre Dumas (father), best known for his novel “The Three Musketeers“.

Monsoreau is the second part of the trilogy “The last Valois“, that follows closely the tragic history of this French dynasty. It’s the second of the three novels, thus acting as sequel of “Queen Margot” (a.k.a. “Marguerite de Valois“), and prequel of “The Fourty-Five Guardsmen” (a.k.a. “Les Quarante-cinq“).

In this novel, Dumas focus the attention on the love triangle between Henri III‘s brother François d’Anjou, his servants Louis de Bussy d’Amboise, and Charles de Chambes (comte de Monsoreau) for the love of the wife of Charles, Diana de Meridor (the Lady of Monsoreau on the book title).

More interesting than this main topic, however, is the portrait of Henri III’s jester, Chicot, that takes the spotlight during most of the book. His abilities to detect and unmask complots will help the king retain his crown. But also, as the book progress, his cynic and cunning personality won’t be able to hide the fascinating personal link between him and Henri, which steals the readers interest from Bussy and Monsoreau’s plot. No less interesting is also the peculiar relationship between Henri III and his “Mignons”, the pack of the king`s favourites.

As a public domain work, it’s possible to read the book for free in digital format in many public repositories, including Gutenberg project, google books and Here we have compiled versions in different languages to make it possible to find them all in one place:


Chicot the Jester


Графиня де Монсоро


La Dame de Monsoreau

Tomo 1:
Tomo 3:


La Dame de Monsoreau

Tome 1:
Tome 2:
Tome 3:


La dama de Monsoreau


Die Dame von Monsoreau


De gravin van Monsoreau

Sadly, no Italian translation (La dama di Monsoreauis available for free, but the book can be purchased on

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